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Know The Important Things For Newborn Photography

Know The Important Things For Newborn Photography

The moment of your baby’s early age is too dear to pass up. No wonder if at this time, many moms are doing newborn photography, capturing the moment of the little one since the beginning of his birth. Moms have done newborn photography yet? If not and want to try it for yourself, surely moms need special skills and tips. The problem is that photographing babies is not as easy as photographing adults or other objects. Now, to help moms to do newborn photography, you can follow some of the tips that we shared in this article to get more details.


The first tip is to determine the day of the shooting. Ideally, newborn photography is done when babies are between 5 and 14 days old. Today’s election is not without reason, there are logical reasons behind it. On the fifth day for fourteen days the baby is born, usually breastfeeding is quite stable, the baby feels full and the umbilical cord has been released. In addition, at this age, many babies spend their time sleeping so it is very flexible to perform various poses.

Determination of the camera to be used is also important to be considered and prepared. Newborn photography determinant is not the camera, but the person behind the camera lens. However, regardless of who the photographer is, the camera selection will affect the results of the photo a little more. For your information, flash is fairly safe to use as long as it is in low intensity. To ensure safety, moms can mimic the way photographers normally do, namely by utilizing natural light, sunlight.

You must also know how to Position the baby safely. When you notice, the position of babies in newborn photography is always adorable and varied. Well, to regulate that position, of course, you can’t just carelessly. The problem is the comfort of the baby and the aesthetics of the picture must be balanced. Babies always have their own unique position. The job of the photographer is to understand the pose and make the baby feel comfortable.

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