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Keep Your Social Media Account Safe With These Two Ways

Keep Your Social Media Account Safe With These Two Ways

As an internet user, you are certainly no stranger to some accounts that you deliberately created to facilitate all your activities on the internet Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that the security of their account is important and must be protected properly. With the multi factor authentication, you will be easier to maintain and secure your account from various parties who intend to hack the account.

One of the accounts that you must guard is also the social media account that you have. Because, on your social media there are lots of personal data that you have, so it would be better when you can maintain your own social media account. There are several ways to maintain the security of your social media account.

1. Use multi factor authentication
What do you mean by 2-layer verification? 2-layer verification is a way to secure your social media account by verifying using 2 layers of security to log in. Still confused? That is, in addition to verifying your username and password, you can also add other verification that is only known by you, such as verification of e-mail or telephone number.
This method generally works well, for example verifying your Gmail account. Why does Jaka say that it works properly? That’s because when someone already knows your username and password, your account can still be saved by verifying your email or telephone number.

2. Use one email for one social media account
This is what actually makes danger. Many people who don’t want to bother, instead use an email account for several social media accounts. even though, when someone breaks into your account and has got an email address from one of your social media, that means all of your social media accounts can be easily taken away too because the email used is the same. Therefore, as much as possible you use 1 email for 1 social media account only.

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