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Keep The Tinted Window Condition That You Use With These Three Ways

Keep The Tinted Window Condition That You Use With These Three Ways

Many people choose to use a tinted window to protect their windshield. this is not without cause because the window film can protect the car from scratches and even the sun that hit the car. broken or cracked car glass should be repaired immediately with Auto Glass Repair. You can not drive a car that is broken or cracked glass. It will be very dangerous to yourself in the car.

The glass is a fragile part to break and crack. for that, you need to use window film to avoid further damage that might happen. If your car has been using the window film, there are some things about the treatment you need to know.

1. Pay attention to Wiper Condition
You should check the wiper condition regularly. Wiper conditions that are less good can make glass become scratched and eventually become broken. The characteristics of wiper rubber that must be replaced is no longer flexible, the rubber looks broken, can not clean the water perfectly. To keep the wipers in good condition, you must lift the wipers in parked condition for a long time.

2. Avoid Chemical Fluids
To clean your car you do not need to use a chemical liquid because it will damage the function of the window itself. However, if you really want to use a chemical-containing liquid, you can clean the car glass with normal pH so as not to damage the glass structure.

3. Paying attention to dirt
The point here is, you must pay attention to the dirt on the rubber of your car window. If the dirt there is a small grain and not cleaned, then the glass of your car will be scratched very easily.

If you feel that you have given the best protection for your car by using a tinted window, then you are wrong. You must more care for your car by cleaning the filmed glass carefully and slowly. You also have to pay attention to the things above to get a good window film.

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