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Increase Hormone Testosterone Levels In The Body With Some Simple Ways Here

Increase Hormone Testosterone Levels In The Body With Some Simple Ways Here

As a hormone that is important to be owned by all men. testosterone hormone is a hormone that must be maintained. This is because the hormone will affect the lives of men as a whole. To increase the hormone is already declining there are many supplements that can be done. Some people claim that zinc and b6 increase testosterone. This is the right thing because there are some nutrients that can indeed increase the hormone testosterone.

Decreasing testosterone levels in man can result in various impacts that affect their quality of life. To increase it you can indeed take medicine. However, there are some natural ways that you can also do, such as

1. Short sports with high intensity
Not as long as aerobic or long-lasting exercise, short but high-strength exercises such as strength-load exercise and few reps have been shown to have a positive effect on testosterone levels.

2. Increase the consumption of zinc
Zinc is a mineral that is important for the formation of testosterone. Adding a zinc intake in the diet for 6 weeks can have a significant effect on men with low testosterone levels. You can get zinc in seafood especially oysters, fish, poultry, eggs, and all kinds of grains.

3. Optimize levels of Vitamin D
Vitamin D can increase testosterone levels, and may also help maintain the quality of semen and sperm count in a man. this will also have a total effect on the man’s fertility.

4. Reduce sugar consumption
After consuming sugar, the testosterone level will decrease. Consuming sugar will increase insulin levels, which is one of the factors that lower the levels of testosterone itself. So, reducing sugar consumption is something you should do.

5. Avoid stress
When in a state of stress, the body will usually produce hormone tress that called as cortisol. These hormones can inhibit the function of testosterone. In the case of chronic stress, too high levels of cardiac can also inhibit the function of testosterone in the long term.

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