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How to Replace a Leaking Tire

How to Replace a Leaking Tire

Jacks, wheel locks and spare tires can’t “get down” from your car. You won’t know when your car’s tire will get flat or leak. There are 3 items that cannot be “dropped” from your car, namely jacks, wheel locks, and spare tires or spare tires. These three items must remain in a case in the event that your car tires are flat or leaky on the trip, you are no longer confused and can replace it yourself or if you need help, you can contact us to get our pick up and drop of car service.

When your tires are flat or leaky, this is what you have to do:

– Park your car to the side of the road

When you know that your car’s tire is flat or leaking, don’t force it to

keep going. Even though the distance is close, the condition of a tire like this can be dangerous if forced because it can explode and make your steering wheel shake.

– Position the car transmission correctly

If your car is manual, adjust the gear position at 1 or R (reverse), then pull the hand brake. If your car is automatic, position the transmission on P (parking) and pull the hand brake.

– Wipe all tires with stone or wood

This needs to be done so that the car stays in place, especially when there is a ramp or derivative.

– Turn on the hazard lights and triangle marks

You must also pay attention to the comfort and safety of driving others. For that, turn on the hazard lamp (red triangle button) and the triangle sign on the trunk as a warning sign.

– Put the jack, replace the tire

Put the jack near the tire that will be replaced, yes, so that it is lifted perfectly. Many say that automatic cars cannot be pushed or towed because they can damage the transmission system. Actually, the automatic car may be pushed or towed, provided only to bring it to the edge or a maximum distance of 15 km. In addition, the gear or gear must be in the N position so as not to damage the transmission.

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