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How To Increase Height

How To Increase Height

Adding height is sometimes confusing. Although there are several ways to add height, do not be tempted by drug ads or supplements that claim to stimulate height growth. Especially if written the existence of HGH contained in the supplement. The reason, HGH can only be given in the form of injections instead of tablets or syrups. You can get the benefit of HGH by visiting our website.

The growth of a person’s height starts from the teenager. In men, the growth period begins at age 11 with a peak of growth at the age of 13 years. While in women, the growth period starts from the age of 9 to 10 years with peak period at the age of 11 to 12 years. Visit our website to get the best hgh supplements. This growth period will end at the end of puberty. Therefore, before growth stops, do some of the ways below to add height:

– Sports
In addition to making the body healthy and fit, regular exercise is also supposed to help in adding height. Routine sports that can increase height such as jumping rope, running, riding a bike, basketball, or football.

– Get enough sleep
Do not sleep late at night. In addition to being able to make sleepy the next day, sleeping late and less than 9 hours (for teens under 20 years) can slow growth. Why? Because during sleep, the body automatically produces HGH. Better to sleep early in order to get enough sleep time is 9 to 10 hours.

– Healthy food
Exercise and adequate sleep can be useless if the food consumed is not healthy. Stop mengosumsi unhealthy foods such as cakes that are too sweet, soda and pizza and other fast food. Start eating healthy foods that contain calcium and vitamin D which are good for bone growth such as milk, spinach, cabbage, fish, mushrooms, broccoli. In addition to calcium and vitamin D, consumption is also foods containing lean protein such as chicken, beef, fish and foods containing zinc such as crabs, pumpkin, peanuts.

– Stay away from things that can slow the growth of height
Avoid smoking, some research shows that children who smoke both active and passive have shorter bodies than those who do not smoke. In addition, drugs or supplements containing steroids can also inhibit growth. Studies show that the use of steroid inhalation in children for one year may inhibit growth. If you really should use a drug containing supplements, make sure the dose is not too high and in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. In addition to steroids and cigarettes, avoid caffeine as well. Although studies show that caffeine does not inhibit growth, the effects of caffeine can make it difficult to sleep.

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