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How To Improve The Brain’s Cognitive Functions And Avoid Its Problems

How To Improve The Brain’s Cognitive Functions And Avoid Its Problems

Brain cognitive function can be disrupted by a number of health problems, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke Therefore, you need to know how to avoid these health problems while also consuming the recommended nitric oxide supplements too.

The following ways can be done to optimize your cognitive abilities to avoid those disorders:

A 2013 study conducted by Dana-Farber Institute and Harvard Medical School, found that routine physical activity had a positive impact on improving cognitive function.

This is because, during your activities, the body will produce certain hormones that are believed to be good for working memory.

Not only that, but the hormone is also believed to have a protective effect on nerve health, and activate the genes involved in the learning process.

Social interaction

Social interaction not only helps maintain a friendship. On the other hand, this activity is also beneficial for your cognitive abilities. Evident from the research of the University of Chicago in 2014 which revealed that loneliness turned out to trigger a decline in cognitive and psychological functions more quickly.

Conscious or not, being less open to people around you can make you have trouble sleeping, experience increased blood pressure, ease stress, easier illness, and even increase the risk of depression.

All of these things ultimately disrupt the cognitive function of the brain. So, it never hurts to be just lip service with neighbors or friends.


Another way you can optimize your cognitive functions is by meditating, whether in the room or in the open air. Research from Harvard Medical Center found interesting results that meditation actually brings an inner and emotional calm that can change the way the brain works more positively.

The same was reported by another study from Rutgers University. Researchers report that 30 minutes of meditation followed by 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in 8 weeks reduced symptoms of depression by 40 percent. They become more able to control themselves not to worry and think negatively.

These changes play an important role in slowing down cognitive function as we age.

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