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How to Deal with Oil Spills in the Sea? Here is the Guidance

How to Deal with Oil Spills in the Sea? Here is the Guidance

The technology was created to facilitate human life. Technology is continuously developed so that human progress, so that life is no longer complicated like the previous period. One way is to create marine couplings that are used as hoses to the hose for oil diverting in the open seas. The transfer of oil from rigs to tankers is a crucial moment and heavily guarded because in the event of an accident at sea it will result in an oil spill and causing marine pollution. This pollution will be a serious problem because there are many accidents that cause oil pollution by oil.

The important question here is how to deal with oil spills in the sea?

– Knowing quickly and accurately the spreading area, either visually direct or remote sensing results. Various ways of handling such as in-situ burning, mechanical allowance, bioremediation techniques, use of sorbent, and the use of dispersant chemicals, and other methods depending on the case.

– Knowing the extent of the spill of oil spill events involving multisector, ranging from food, social, habitat, tourism, health, etc., the involvement of various agencies, coordination among government agencies, research institutions, educational institutions, the private sector and the surrounding community is required. In the implementation, it requires the involvement of relevant stakeholders under the management of the government to jointly conduct comprehensive and comprehensive countermeasures. A review of oil and gas concessions or activities also needs to be tightened to affirm lawsuits against those responsible for oil spill accidents.

– The need to improve the quality of human resources to examine and cope with oil pollution. Such widespread pollution impacts, including for microorganisms, should be calculated comprehensively, so as to predict its effects over the long term.

A more strategic effort is a preventive measure to anticipate the occurrence of an oil spill accident itself. The low awareness of environmental aspects in developing countries, both individually, in groups, and in institutions, restricts the implementation of early prevention efforts. These environmental awareness efforts can be through public education, to the strict sanction in case of violation of environmental pollution.

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