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How to Change Home Decoration

How to Change Home Decoration

Bored with the spatial layout of a house? It’s time to redecorate the house. No need to worry, changing home decoration does not mean we have to buy a new set of furniture. Or repaint the wall. By reducing or adding one element to the room, we can bring a new atmosphere in the room. Visit our website to find out the 10 Best Home Decor

Tips on changing this home decoration are perfect for those of you who are busy throughout the week, and only have one day on weekends to clean or rearrange the house. So calm down, we will not complicate you.

1. Change the curtain

Try changing your plain curtains with patterned curtains. Choose a large or small motif, according to your taste. What if you don’t like crowded motives, like the curtain on this picture? Basically, changing home decoration is like a child playing a house. We must confidently try many new things to create a new atmosphere at home.

2. Install or remove the carpet

Both large and small carpets, both can bring another atmosphere in the room. Adjust the color of the carpet with the color of the sofa or the color of the wall. Or do the opposite, which is removing the carpet that for years has been spread in the living room or family room. Has your room looked different now?

3. Lighting

Light can bring a different atmosphere to the room. Replace the dazzling white lights with lights that glow pink, orange or yellow. If possible, direct the lamp to an interesting object in the room. For example painting.

4. Hang the mirror

Mirror has a function more than just a tool for preening. If hung in a room, the mirror will reflect the situation of the room in front of him. This will make the room seem wider than the actual conditions.

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