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How to Accurate Keyword Research for Blogs and Websites

How to Accurate Keyword Research for Blogs and Websites

Choosing the right keywords from local seo expert is important because it will affect the performance of your blog or website in search results. Every writer of a blog or website must know what people often search for in order to find the right keywords for their blog or website.

Next, let’s say you have found popular keywords related to your blog. You also need to know the competition map of those keywords. What is the level of difficulty to be in the first rank of Google search results? What kind of article is on the first page of search results.

The article you wrote must appear on the first page of the search results to bring more readers. Research shows that 75 percent of searchers only open articles on the first page of search results.

Even better, your article is in the first position of Google search results because the article in the first place gets 30 percent clicks. While the second article gets 15 percent clicks and the third article gets 10 percent clicks. By choosing the right keywords, your blog or website will be easier to be in the top ranking of search results.

In general there are four important components that must be considered in keyword research, namely search volume, difficulty keywords, keyword suggestion, and SERP.

1. Search Volume

Search volume or keyword search volume is how many keywords are searched on Google in a certain period of time. Usually the keyword tool will display many keyword searches in the past month.

For example, the search volume of a keyword shows 100,000. That is, the keyword is searched 100,000 times on Google in one month.

2. Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty shows the difficulty level of a keyword to be on the first page of search results. Generally, the keyword tool uses a scale of 0-100. The greater the number, the harder the keyword is to reach the first position of the search results.
3. Keyword Suggestion

Keyword suggestion is a keyword suggestion that is related to the keyword you are looking for. For example, you do keyword research for the keyword “create a blog”, the keyword tool will provide keyword suggestions such as “how to create a blog”, “create a free blog”, or “make an easy blog”.

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