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Get To Know Some of the Elements That Are in Turntables

Get To Know Some of the Elements That Are in Turntables

In the present, there are many people who actually collect various unique and traditional things. One object that is often collected and is still used today is a turntable. For those who collect vinyl record, turntables are certainly very important objects. In fact, there are now many turntables that can be connected with speakers.
You can choose a stereo system with turntable to get better sound quality.

However, before choosing the right turntable, it’s a good idea to find out what elements are in the turntable. Some of the elements in the turntable are

1. Platter
The platter is a rotating disk on a turntable. The platter is rotated by an electric motor through a belt, or drive-wheel, or some are rotated directly from an electric motor below (direct-drive). This platter is seated in Plinth, this is the tool that makes vinyl record emit music and function properly.

2. Plinth
Plinth which is meant here is the box, which is the box section of the turntable, which functions to accommodate (accommodate) all turntable equipment. The boxes are made of wood, marble, fiber, plastic, and so on. Above the Plinth is also installed a rod-shaped named Tonearm.

3. Tonearm
The tonearm is a long stem between 23 cm to 30 cm to hold the cartridge. Tonearm usually measures 9 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches. Tonearm needs to be stable so that the needle can always be straight in pressing the groove. This tonearm cannot participate in vibrating/resonating. The cartridge is placed at the end of the tonearm.

4. Cartridge
A cartridge is a small box the size of a tip, containing a coil of wire and magnet. From this wire roll, the songs will come out in the form of a weak electrical voltage, which needs to be strengthened later by the Phono Stage. Wire and magnetic coils can produce electrical due to the vibration of a small rod called cantilever.

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