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For Student, These Are Some Documents That You Must Have When You Study Abroad

For Student, These Are Some Documents That You Must Have When You Study Abroad

Many students can continue their study abroad. Continuing the process of education abroad is not an easy thing. You must prepare various important things Passport and Visa are two documents that you must definitely carry. Besides that, there are other things you need. You also need the right visa to be able to do this. You can join the b1 english test before you can get a visa to England. England is one of the destination countries for many students.

There are several important documents that you must bring when you study abroad. These are some of the documents in question.

1. Passport and Visa
The passport must carry the original. However, there is no harm in providing photocopies of passports and student visas. After arriving at the accommodation, store it properly and safely. (Tip: you can photograph the front page of your passport, arrival page, and student visa stamp and with a cellphone. Indeed, it cannot be used to travel, but can be used to prove your status, for example, to get a discount at a bar, etc.)

2. Medical report
Some countries require international students to show medical certificates on immigration. For example, international students entering New Zealand will be tested for tuberculosis at immigration. So it will save more time if you have had a previous health report that is tuberculosis free. If you are on certain medications or have a history of allergies, you should bring a certificate from your doctor so that you are allowed to bring the medicine, and get proper treatment when needed.

3. Letter ‘Confirmation of offer’
This letter states that you have been admitted to a university, and can be used to apply for student visas and scholarships. Bring this letter and keep the photocopy at home. Always make sure your parents or family know where you keep important documents. Also, bring proof of the tuition payment slip. Every time you register (enroll) for a course, save the file properly until you graduate.

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