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Filter your smokes before you inhale them

Filter your smokes before you inhale them

Cigarettes are one of the needs of people in great demand in the world, although it has many negative impacts on the health of the body. Cigarettes can cause cancer, respiratory distress, and various other diseases caused by the entry of harmful substances from cigarettes. Therefore, in early 1950, cigarette manufacturers and manufacturers began to create cigarettes with filters in order to reduce harmful substances that enter the body. However, is it true that filter cigarettes are safer for the body than with unfiltered cigarettes? In the meantime, you can check out the water pipes under $100 if you want to have the smooth and clean smokes.

What’s the filter made of?

Cigarette filters are generally made from cellulose acetate, commonly obtained from processed wood. This material is used because of its ability to filter tar and nicotine from cigarettes.

One cigarette filter can have 12,000 fibers made of cellulose acetate, and these fibers can be sucked into the lungs along with cigarette smoke.

In addition, cigarette filters also have a negative impact on the environment. This is because cellulose acetate cannot be broken down by nature, so the amount can continue to accumulate.

It is estimated that 845,000 tons of cigarette filters are disposed of annually. Cigarette filters scattered in the oceans also have a negative impact on living things that ingest it by accident.

What is the function of cigarette filters?

Cigarette filters can significantly reduce tar and nicotine from smoked cigarettes. This is believed to reduce the negative effects of smoking on the body.

High tar content in cigarettes may increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers. Some studies have also revealed that unfiltered cigarettes can increase the risk of lung cancer than cigarettes with filters.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended for you to never have a smoke without any filter, and it’s also a good idea to use the water filter for the better filtration for your smokes. That’s why there are also many people who prefer to use bongs and water pipes instead of the ordinary cigarettes.

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