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Electric Motors Vs. Electric Bicycle: Which One Will You Choose?

Electric Motors Vs. Electric Bicycle: Which One Will You Choose?

Bä is one of the sites, where every visitors can do the comparison and review even bulk electric bicycle products. The use of such this vehicle seems like on the trend. However, the trend isn’t the reason why you must have an electric bicycle. With so many options of electric vehicles on the market, you may get confused whether choosing a motorcycle or bicycle while they both benefit from the electrical energy to run.

Transportation with alternative energy can now be found easily, such as electric motors and electric bicycles. Electric motors and electric bicycles basically have the same working principle. Both are using batteries, the controller as the brain, throttle or PAS (Pedal Assist System on the bike), and electric motorcycles that drive the wheels.

When using electric motors, that means you are using an environmentally friendly vehicle. When buying an electric motor, batteries become one of the important things to consider and consider. The 60V20AH lithium battery resides right under the passenger seat in the passenger position that is on the ride. The heavy component placement can be likened to a scooter that places the engine at the bottom of the rear. So that the feeling of driving electricity is close to scooter motors.

So what about electric bicycles? This type of electric bicycle electric motor can be divided into several categories. The most common are electric motors that are pinned into the wheel (hub drive), electric motors that drive the crank (mid drive), and electric motors swipe/move the wheels directly (friction drive).

Using an electric motor pinned on the wheel has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage, this type of motor does not take up much space. Installation can be on the front and rear wheels, even both of which make it an all-wheel drive. The disadvantage of this type of electric motor is that you cannot use the multi-speed bicycle drivetrain.

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