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Do These Two Steps As A First Handling When The Computer Hangs

Do These Two Steps As A First Handling When The Computer Hangs

The computer you have will indeed experience some problems, such as hangs or crashes when you open applications or software that are heavy and make your computer work hard. If this happens, it will certainly disrupt your work, and you obviously need the right computer repair service. You can visit to get the right computer repair service that matches the problem you are facing.

The most common problem is when you play games and your computer crashes. If this happens, then you can do some of this as a first treatment. Some of the things in question are

1. Give maximum air space
The easiest thing you can do to keep your computer from excessive heat is to provide better breathing space to remove airflow resistance. Make sure the position of your computer is not facing another device that is blocking the airflow, especially the rear. Most of the hot air flows out from the back end of the computer case. You should at least have an open distance of 2 to 3 inches on both sides and back. This will maintain better air circulation on all devices inside.

2. Always close the PC casing
Even though you think that an open casing will have a lot of airflows, this will actually be the source of problems that will be present on a computer. When the casing is left open, dust and debris will enter and clog the cooling fan faster than the casing is closed. This causes all fans to move slower and faster to break than normal.
In addition, the air flow that is presented is irregular, because a casing that is closed basically is intended to have airflow arranged in such a way. When the air enters from the front, it will flow throughout the entire device and be ejected from the back. When the casing is left open, it allows the hot air to return to the device again, so it will make it hotter than before.

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