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Do These Three Yoga Movements To Form Abdominal Muscles

Do These Three Yoga Movements To Form Abdominal Muscles

Yoga is indeed one of the most sporting and gymnastic activities carried out by everyone. in fact, the benefits of yoga are also not only for the body and health but also for mental and mind health. For that, do not be surprised if there are many people who do yoga. In fact, yoga is also known to be very good for the core muscles in your body. Core and yoga are indeed interconnected and yoga can make your core muscles tighter and more formed.

Usually, the core muscles are around the abdomen or commonly called the abdominal muscles. Many people want to make their abdominal muscles well-formed, so yoga can be the right choice. There are some yoga poses that are right for forming the abdominal muscles. Some of the yoga poses referred to here is

1. Downward facing dog
This yoga one pose looks simple but has the property to help you reach the belly of your dreams. Don’t forget to tighten your abdominal muscles and stretch your fingers. You can do this pose with your knees bent, but for maximum results, you can straighten your knees and let your heels stick to the mat. Hold this pose for 20-30 seconds while breathing normally.

2. Plank
From a Downward Facing Dog pose you can immediately move your body to the plank position slowly. Hold this pose for 20-30 seconds. Hold your head to keep it straight with your spine. In addition to strengthening the abdominal muscles this pose can also help train your back muscles.
If this plank pose is too difficult, you can modify it by resting it on your elbows while putting your two hands together.

3. Modified Plank
Move your floating feet to rest on the feet that hold your body in the mat. Hold your stomach, align the spine with your neck and head. Perform this pose for 20-30 seconds and then you can switch to the next leg.

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