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Do It To Maintain Home Condition At Flood

Do It To Maintain Home Condition At Flood

Flooding is not a new problem that arises when the rainy season struck. In addition to high rainfall, many factors that can cause the occurrence of floods, ie clogged water flow or habit of disposing of garbage in the river. When your home is flooded, you have to cope with the right ways to keep the house up. Flood will certainly disrupt your activity. In addition, flooding can also cause various types of damage to your home or office. To help you overcome this, we are here. Visit our website and get water damage restoration service. However, if your house is flooded and damaged, we always ready to assist you. Here are some ways you can do to maintain the condition of the house during the flood carpet water damage restoration.

1. Turn off all electrical connections
Even though the electricity has been turned off by the power company during the flood, you still have to check the power lines at home. This is to prevent the occurrence of other disasters such as shorting and electricity network outages.

2. Turn off gas in the kitchen
When flooding, gas and pipe equipment may be damaged and will cause a gas leak. Unplug the gas pipe to prevent leakage. However, if you smell the gas immediately leave the house and evacuate first.

3. Protect valuables at home
Find and protect valuables from within the home like money, jewelry, photos, and important documents. If the goods are exposed to the remaining mud floods, immediately clean and store in a safe and waterproof box.

4. Protect your home from further damage
In addition to checking the drains, things to note when flooding is an important part of the house, such as roofs, walls, and windows. If the part of the house there is damage or holes, fix and cover using a board or plastic sheeting to prevent water from entering the house.

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