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Different Types of Bathroom

Different Types of Bathroom

Renovating the bathroom means you have the chance to rebuild the bathroom based on your desire. When you choose bathroom renovations Perth, you can choose the right type of bathroom. Perhaps, you have the dream and desire of how the bathroom must look to make sure that everyone entering it will feel comfortable, including those who just visited your home for the first time. In general, there are three types of bathrooms. Read the following articles and determine the best choice of the bathroom type before the date of your bathroom renovation project.

1. Wet bathroom

The first type of bathroom, which is a wet bathroom. Why is it called a wet bathroom? This is because all the bathroom areas can be drained of water. Well, this type of bathroom is perfect for those of you who have limited bathroom space. Because the type of wet bathroom does not require additional separation walls between the shower area and the toilet. So that the land needed for wet bathrooms can be minimized.

2. The bathroom is half dry

The next type of bathroom, the bathroom is half dry. For those of you who have more space than a wet bathroom, this type of semi-dry bathroom is perfect for you. What is the reason? This is because this type of bathroom requires sufficient distance between the bathing area and urinating. Do not let the water from the shower area wet other areas in the bathroom. For this type of bathroom, you do not have to bother installing a separation wall between the shower area and urinating. Curtains or the like are enough. Are you interested in trying it?

3. Dry bathroom

The third type of bathroom, which is a dry bathroom. This type of bathroom does not use a water reservoir in the bath area but uses a bathtub to soak. Thus, the entire bathroom area will always be dry.

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