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Decreased Hearing Ability

Decreased Hearing Ability

As a sense of hearing, the ear has an important role in your life. Not only does it work to hear, the ears also help you to keep your balance. By listening, you can communicate and discuss with the other person. But with age, the function of the ear increasingly reduced. Decreased hearing ability is not trivial because this problem can affect the quality of life and also your relationship with your partner. We encourage you to visit reviews factor and find ways that can help you solve your hearing problems.

If you experience a decrease in hearing ability, of course, your communication and interaction with others become obstructed. It will make you bother, is not it? The ear consists of several parts, namely the outside, the middle, and the inside. The outer ear consists of the ear of the ear you normally see, including the ear canal lined with hair and glands that secrete earwax. While the middle ear contains 3 small bones which are also known as bone hammer, grounding, and stirrups. The last is the inner ear that contains the cochlea, serving as the main sensory organ of hearing.

There are 2 kinds of hearing loss that is distinguished by the location of the disorder, namely conductive hearing loss, and sensorineural hearing loss. The sensorineural hearing loss is a hearing loss happen by injury to the cochlea in the inner ear or damage to the auditory nerve. This can happen naturally with age or as a result of the injury. Whereas conductive hearing loss occurs when the sound cannot be passed on to the inner ear. This is often caused by blockages such as earwax, fluid buildup from ear infections, or because the eardrum is ruptured.

Hearing loss can occur suddenly, but it usually develops gradually. Common signs of this problem are difficulty hearing other people’s utterances clearly, asking people to repeat what they say, a misunderstanding with what they say, and listening to music or watching television at a higher volume than others.

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