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Close the Holes In Your House To Prevent These Things

Close the Holes In Your House To Prevent These Things

You want a clean house and no insects and annoying animals. However, it could be an animal that you do not want to get into your home because there is a big hole in the side of your house. For that, you will probably need a Weep Hole Cover to close the hole and prevent any animal coming in.

The hole that you do not want to be at home will be very disturbing because there will be a lot of things that annoy you. There are some disadvantages you can get from a hole in the house, like

1. Lots of Incoming Dust
The hole in the house will cause a lot of dust in your house. Dust can enter through the hole because it is blown by the wind and will stick in all the furniture and even the floor in your house. If you have not been able to close the hole, then make sure that you always clean the furniture and floors in the house so that no dust that accumulates.

2. Small Insects Will Enter
Not only dust, many small insects will also enter your house. The existing hole will be the way for small insects, such as cockroaches and mosquitoes to get inside your house very easily. So, as much as possible make sure the hole is closed tightly before you go to sleep.

3. Rats Can Get Into Your Home
Small insects you can get rid of easily, but what if there is a rat in your house. This will be a problem because rats will leave traces in your house. So make sure that you hit the hole very tightly to keep mice from entering your house and disturbing your home. As it is known that rats have a lot of diseases that can be transmitted to others very quickly. If you do not want to get infected with the various diseases brought by rats, make sure that you have all the holes in your house except the existing ventilation holes

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