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Choosing the Right Condom

Choosing the Right Condom

To reduce the risk of contracting HIV and AIDS, especially for those at high risk of this disease, there are some things to consider when choosing a condom. Reported by U.S. site Food and Drug Administration, there are several provisions on choosing the right condom, especially to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or HIV and AIDS. Condoms made of latex better protect a person from transmission of HIV, hepatitis, herpes and so on. Meanwhile, condoms from natural ingredients such as sheepskin do not provide extra protection. If cardboard or condom wrappers do not mention that the product can provide protection from various diseases that can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, then that does not guarantee safety. You want to get the best condom then you can get it in our place by visiting our site and buy online because we are the official condom store that provides the best condom for you.

The growing progress of today makes the population increase and the free association is increasing. Along with the increase of promiscuity so that the case of sexual disease is increasing, therefore contraception is one of the things that is absolutely understood and required to overcome these cases. One of the most popular means of contraception today is condoms. Condom work is actually quite simple, namely by inhibiting sperm to fertilize the egg. Condoms are made of latex, polyurethane, or sheepskin so the sperm cannot penetrate. And condoms there are two types of condoms for men and women. Male condom has a higher percentage of success than a female condom that is 98% and for female condoms has a 95% percentage of success as reported by page In addition to inhibiting population growth condoms are also very helpful in overcoming the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Did the government strongly support the use of condoms. This is evidenced by the issuance of a budget of 24.8 billion taken from government funds for the procurement of condoms. Minister of Health believes that at this time the spread of HIV / AIDS in Indonesia is increasing. Therefore the government through makes held free condoms distribution program to teenagers and students. This is because the government assumes that at that age is prone to free sex.

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