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Choosing a Babysitter for Children Who Have Diabetes

Choosing a Babysitter for Children Who Have Diabetes

Everyone who takes care of your child, from nanny to family member, should be taught in basic diabetes treatment and what to do during an emergency. This can be a big challenge for parents with children with diabetes. One of the best ways to find experienced nannies on our website, because we are The Best Agency for Domestic Workers.

Train a safe diabetic nurse
Before leaving your child under someone else’s supervision, it is important that the nanny knows every diabetic is different, and so does the treatment. Prepare to train every nanny to know.

What to do in an emergency situation
Describe when and how to give glucagon. Show your nanny where all your emergency needs are stored. Make sure the nanny knows how to contact you for inquiries or for emergencies. Show how to use the gauge for your child and then ask the nanny to practice setting up the meter and monitoring your child’s blood sugar level. Give detailed instructions on what to do when blood sugar is high or low.

How to administer insulin
Show the process and let the nanny practice, if possible. Write your kid’s insulin regimen precisely so that the given dose is correct.

What to do if your child shows symptoms of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia
Provide foods that you know your child will like. Involve your child in planning meals and snacks to make sure he will eat what you prepare. Schedule and menu the nanny for each meal and snack, and explain how much insulin your child needs to cover each meal. If your child resists eating or needs something else, review the replacement food or ask the carer to contact you. Be sure to discuss with your child the importance of food and snacks.

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