An easy way to choose a marriage counselor is to ask for recommendations from friends or family who have already had to counsel and benefited from it. But if none of them have ever undergone marriage counseling, you can ask for a recommendation from a doctor. You can also call or visit some reputable clinics and ask for recommendations of counselor names that you can go to. After getting some names, you can try to make an appointment with that name or you can also visit family counseling services.

Next to be able to find out if the counselor is right for you can be felt on the first visit. At that session, the counselor will ask about your background, your spouse, and your marriage. Take a look and ask yourself the following. Is the question posed to you enough to make you feel relieved? Is the question posed related to your problem? Can the speech of the language make you calm? Is he a patient person? If the answer is yes, then you can continue the next counseling session with the counselor.

Unhealthy marriage should be dealt with immediately. Not only affects happiness, troubled households also have an impact on personal health. According to research, people who undergo unhealthy household relationships will be more at risk for heart disease. So if you still love your spouse, family, and your health, it’s better to overcome all the problems of the household with the help of marriage counseling. The sooner you act, the marriage will be easier saved.

Try evaluating your relationship. Ask yourself, does He like to forbid you to join the activities you like or mingle with your friends? If so, then your relationship can be said to be unequal because you are also entitled to develop the potential within and make your own decisions, of course in a responsible manner. A relationship can work well if you give and receive each other equally so that no one is more powerful than others. Conversely, relationships can go bad if one of you turns out to suffer and often quarrel each time you want to make your own decisions.