In general, we know that a scanner is an electronic device whose function is to move documents and pictures. In its development is now available 3D scanners that can move objects with volume. Not infrequently this scanner is also used to send letters and physical photos through digital media. To assist you in choosing a quality scanner that suits your needs, here is a guide to choosing a quality scanner. When you have the desire to get the best quality photo scanner, then you can do the review by visiting some sites, for instance. Reviewing and doing the research can help you find out the best photo scanner that can meet your needs.

Type of scanner

Available various types of scanners on the market according to the function of the form. Flatbed is a type of scanner commonly used by students to scan documents. Type Photo Scanner is a scanner that special function to scan photos. Handheld type is a scanner for input barcode input. There are still other types of Sheetfed, Slide, and Drum Scanners.

Scanner feature

Note the features embedded in the scanner device to find out which scanners are qualified and have many advantages. Features embedded in many current scanner devices include Transparency Adapter to scan slides and movies as well as Connectivity features to connect scanners with many devices like USB and FireWire.


Resolution is also a factor in choosing a scanner and may be said to be the most mandatory consideration. Maybe some of the users just need a standard scanner resolution of 300 ppm. While users who need a scanner to move photos and documents with high quality will usually require a scanner with a large resolution of 600 ppm. If you don’t know about this, then you can read the review and ask the seller. You can even come to the photo scanner store with someone who knows everything about it.