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These Chat Habit Can Make Your Boy Lost Feeling Into You!

These Chat Habit Can Make Your Boy Lost Feeling Into You!

In the affairs of sending a short message for example in MocoSpace, maybe you believe that guys do not really enjoy the facility than girls. Though the reality is not like that! Moreover, your opinion is supported by personal experience when you do not get many responses from the guy you are a crush. If he’s cold, there might be something wrong with your way of writing messages. Now try to remember again, do you often do these things or not?

1. Sending too many messages
“Was not it exciting?”
“Are you busy now?”
“I’m bothering you?”
“Sorry if I bother :)”
“Heeeeeiii …”
Maybe you hope the more chat you send then he will reply to your chat. But if he began to get bored, the fate of your chat can be read-only without reply, even he immediately deleted without reading. If so, you are also sad.

2. Too short while replying
He: “Saturday tomorrow there is no plan?”
You: “No.”
He: “As long as I do not have more tasks, what if we walk?”
You: “Where?”
He: “It’s up to you where to go :)”
You: “Ok”
Whether it’s expensive or busy, you prefer to reply to messages as needed. You are so impressed not interested in him. If this habit you continue to do, your crush can move the heart to another girl.

3. Ignoring the compliments he gave
He: “I heard you got a scholarship in London. Congratulations! From the beginning, I knew you could be 🙂 ”
You: “Ah, yeah it’s nothing.”
Maybe you intend not to want to boast or cover up the shame when he praises you. But it would be nice if you give a response that pleases her. Not all guys will praise girls honestly, you know.

4. Deliberately misplaced the message
You: “Well, thank you for the gift. You really care. ”
He: “Gifts? What do you mean? ”
You: “I’m sorry. I’m sending a wrong chat.”
If you want to make him curious or even want to make him jealous, such a way is not his age anymore. The guys have memorized the intent behind the girl who pretended to miscast the chat.

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