Maintain skin beauty should be done as early as possible in order to avoid the early wrinkles. Early wrinkles are caused by a lack of vitamins and nutrients that are a healthy intake for the body as well as an unhealthy lifestyle. Along with the development of the times cellogica skin care, there are so many ways to care for the skin ranging from mild to very careful treatment of extreme and full of risk. Various methods of beauty start planting threads, surgery, injections and so forth are some of the methods of care that are now widely selected in beautifying the face is quite at risk to health. You can avoid these problems by using -.

Wrinkle skin is a natural aging process that can occur as time passes. However, wrinkles can cause problems when they occur too early. Early wrinkles can make the occurrence of rapid aging so it will look older than the age should be. This can certainly make your daily appearance to be less than the maximum. The cause of skin wrinkles at this young age can occur due to the following things:

– One choose beauty products

Currently, there are many different beauty products on the market. Various beauty products contain many chemicals that can sometimes cause health problems, especially on facial skin. Common effects arise generally due to the dismissal of the use of the cosmetics concerned primarily from whitening creams. Some of the disturbances that are caused by black spots to wrinkles.

– Consume fewer vitamins and minerals

Lack of vitamins and minerals it can cause wrinkles on the skin. This happens to many women who are wrong in choosing a diet program. There are many of them who eliminate important menus rich in vitamins and minerals that they should consume daily.

– Often rubbed eyes

This one habit is not only harmful to the eyes but also makes the skin on the eye area becomes damaged. The habit of rubbing the eyes is usually done to overcome the discomfort due to incoming dust. To avoid eye irritation and damage to the skin in the eye area is a good idea if you start now to get used to removing dust or other foreign objects using water.