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Cannabis Can Relieve Symptoms of AIDS

Cannabis Can Relieve Symptoms of AIDS

The National Institutes of Health recently published a study in which researchers found that between 1 in 4 people living with HIV (people with HIV / AIDS) among teenagers smoked marijuana every day to reduce their symptoms. Meanwhile, check out MJ Arsenal if you wish to know more about cannabis and THC.

The 24-year-old study participant said, “What I really did was just to make me forget about what I felt. This just removes my problem and makes it look not so bad. “

The researchers said that this study documented the motivation and prevalence of heavy marijuana use among gay and bisexual HIV positive adult men.

In addition, the researchers have come to the conclusion that these findings indicate, “Those who are HIV positive using marijuana to relieve stress are widespread phenomena among this population, and that this phenomenon may not apply to other forms of drug use.”
The study also revealed that daily use of marijuana in the middle of the group was practically four times greater than the average in other groups of teens of the same age.

“The use of marijuana in the second phase of the study was reported to exceed the national sample that appeared in previous studies for the LGB group (Lesbian Gay Bisexuals). Nearly a quarter of the samples reported that they smoked marijuana every day. This is almost four times higher than the percentage reported in the national sample, “the researchers reported.

Another interesting aspect of the results of this study is that increasing use of marijuana actually causes a decrease in alcohol consumption. The researchers in the study stated that “Substantially the alcohol use rate is reported to decrease or be lower than before.”

This is one of the scientific studies that are expected to help fight the negative stigma surrounding this beneficial miracle plant. How long do we have to hide to be able to feel the freedom to choose a safe and effective treatment method? Let us stand together and be actively involved in voicing our rights to be heard. It’s time for the government to end the lie and immediately legalize it.

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