You are not tired of looking at a plain wall that so-so? Try out of the trap of boredom by displaying living room wall art. This wall art looks different because it is displayed in three canvas panels. One image is printed and broken into three. Each panel is rectangular or rectangular. Wall art is suitable you place on the head of the bed (headboard) or on the sofa in the living room or living room. You can also put in the kitchen and even the bathroom. Of course, you must take into account the area of the wall that is available with this wall art size.

Let more dramatic, highlight this wall art with accent lights. This wall art will appear much more alive. You can be more comfortable and feel at home. The good news, you do not need to spend deep. You just have to choose the picture or photo you want to make wall art, then take it to the printing press. Certainly can save your budget than buying a painting.

You can organize your wall art collection like a gallery aka gallery owner. If your wall art has a similar size, color scheme or narrative, you can arrange the gallery style. It also fits you apply on the wall of the hallway or on top of the furniture that is long. Or you can use a casual style, this style is suitable for you who have a work of art that is not only to hang on the wall but also on display on furniture or shelves. You can combine the two without having to make many holes in the wall.

Notice the dominant color in your room. Note also the color of the lighting in the room. Does the room rely on lights? What is the color of the lamp? White, or yellow? Or rely more on sunlight? How does the light interact with the surrounding walls, floors, and furniture? Remember, our room may have 2-3 colors that are quite dominant. More than 3 dominant colors may be too crowded. So, if we choose the color for Wall Art, we usually match the color with 3 dominant colors. We can use some strategies:

– Black color, commonly used to highlight other colors
– Gray color, giving a warm impression when banged with bright colors