Bitcoin and Ethereum. Have you heard of it? Both actually have some basic equations. They both belong to the classification of cryptocurrency, a virtual unit that serves as a medium of exchange in the digital world. This type of virtual exchange tools such as BitCoin and Ethereum is very easy to gain popularity because it offers many advantages. For example, the virtual exchange tool uses a final, decentralized, peer-to-peer decentralized encryption and algorithm technique to organize the establishment of a unit of money and verify the transfer of its units. From there, he is free from the possibility of breaking the central server and cutting the need to pay a third party (like a bank) to use his services, such as moving money. The other main characteristic is that they move independently, separate from the central bank of the country. The virtual currency system works seamlessly through blockchain channels, where Bitcoin users are completely closed and anonymous to each other. When you are wondering about how to get bitcoin because at this time bitcoin has popularity in any finance, so with us you will get what you need and increase your profits.

The science fiction writer Isaac Asimov in 1964 wrote an essay entitled Visit to the World’s Fair of 2014 which envisioned how humans and technology would be matched the next 50 years since 1964. That is 2014. Asimov is convinced that humans in 2014 will be able to phone while looking at the face the interlocutor – we now call it a video call. Bell System then introduced a picture phone that allows face-to-face from a distance. Technology, in fact, will always stutter some people – until now. Including when the current emerging virtual currency is often called cryptocurrency – a combination of cryptography (secret code) and currency (currency). Cryptocurrency rose in popularity as Bitcoin’s popularity – one of a kind of high-value virtual currency. Bitcoin’s payment system, according to Satoshi Nakamoto who is mentioned as the creator, is based on cryptography or secret code.

This is to ensure the system runs with authenticity, integrity, and regularity that run together. Cryptocurrency has different technology than online payment tools like Paypal, credit card, or the Western Union. He was present cannot be separated from the deniers of technological advocates of server centralization system applied e-money. In cryptocurrency, it is no longer necessary for the state or central bank to act as an intermediary for transactions. The task is delegated to peer-to-peer networks that are in blockchain technology or Bitcoin wallet.