Mood changes often experienced by pregnant women when pregnancy process. These changes cause mixed feelings from a pregnant woman to her pregnancy. Sometimes feelings like this are expressed also to the nearest person (husband and family members). This is a reasonable complaint about pregnant women. In this article, we will provide the right type of exercise for pregnant women.

1. Kegel exercises

This gymnastics has many benefits for pregnant women. Kegel gymnastics in addition to maintaining the weight of the idea of pregnant women, this gymnastics can also reduce pain due to body changes, as well as launching the baby’s birth. Get used to Kegel exercises in early pregnancy, because this gives more optimal results.

2. Pilates Gymnastics

Just like exercise Kegel, this gymnast is useful to strengthen the muscles and prevent pain. It is advisable to ask the trainer to become a gym instructor. Because these exercises require basic training first.

3. Stretching

Pregnant women can reduce the risk of pregnancy complications and reduce the risk of irritation in pregnancy by doing stretching. This sport can also be combined with other sports (as warming) before doing sports. Stretching is best done in the first trimester of pregnancy.

4. Light aerobics

Aerobics are quite useful for pregnant women because it can help nourish the heart, prevent haemorrhoids and increase oxygen levels. However, before doing any aerobic exercise, consult your doctor first if your content is safe to do mild aerobics.

5. Yoga

This type of exercise is good done since pregnant young and as the age of pregnancy increases. Relaxation techniques on yoga exercises have good benefits for preparing for normal labour. Not only a relief, but yoga gymnastics can also give peace to pregnant women.

6. Swim

This is one of the best sports that can be done by pregnant women. Swimming can reduce the pressure on the back and legs of tired pregnant women. In addition, this sport is also beneficial to the entire body without making pregnant women feel tired. If you get tired, start by floating in the water.