Have we ever asked ourselves why we believe that God exists? Or have not thought to ask that about ourselves? In general, most of us will think God exists because when we were kids, our parents also believe that God exists. So until now, we believe that God exists without questioning why we think that god is real.

When the above question is asked perhaps among us who confidently answer that God exists, there may be some who are doubtful of His existence. And for some others will answer that God is not there.

Why do some people believe, doubt and even deny the existence of God? Basically, humans will not say something is there before they see that something exists or there is a proof that something exists. Are we going to believe when someone says that there are “snakes laying out dragons?” Can not. We will not be as stupid as to believe it, why? Because we have never seen it and there has never been any evidence to show that it exists. Basically, everything is there because somebody made it. We can exist in this world because we are made by both our parents. Then who made both? Of course the previous generation. And if we go on and on then we will find that humans will never exist without the first man and woman. Then how can they exist, whether they are formed by themselves?

And if they exist because of the results of evolution, then how the first creatures were formed. Is it composed of atomic molecules just like that? If so, why now it does not happen again? Or further than that, who would make this earth and sky. If the answer is a repeating process with no beginning or end. Then who made the process? The most basic who will create the material? There will be so many questions that will arise when we do not believe there is an all-powerful Power out there. What has set as proportional as possible? So that everything in heaven and on earth runs in harmony. If it can just walk away without anyone setting it up, let’s think about it again?