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Be Careful, This Is The Stage Of Liver Damage Caused By Alcohol

Be Careful, This Is The Stage Of Liver Damage Caused By Alcohol

Alcohol is indeed something that is very popular with many people. In fact, a party when celebrating something is clearly not complete without alcohol. However, when you feel addicted to alcohol, it will be better for you to get the right treatment or therapy. Try to click here to get the right treatment and therapy to eliminate the addiction to alcohol you feel.

If most people only know that alcohol is very dangerous for the brain, then you must know that alcohol is also very dangerous for the liver. So how can alcohol damage someone’s heart? The alcohol you consume will pass through the liver. In the liver, there are various ingredients of enzymes that can turn alcohol into water and carbon dioxide so that it is not harmful to the body. However, it should be noted that the ability of the day to regenerate will be disrupted because you consume too much alcohol. Below are some of the steps your heart will feel when it starts to be damaged by alcohol.

– fatty liver
This fatty liver can be experienced by many people who consume large amounts of alcohol even though they have only consumed a few days. In the early stages of fatty liver, usually many people do not need excessive treatment because usually, the liver will be able to regenerate its own cells. However, what you need to pay attention to is that fatty liver usually does not experience any symptoms so that if it is not known in advance it will cause several other more severe diseases.

– Hepatitis
This is the next stage of damage to your liver due to alcohol. If you consume large amounts of alcohol when your liver is filled with fat, it will cause you to experience hepatitis. This happens because your heart is inflamed. Just like before, this disease doesn’t even have symptoms at all.

– Cirrhosis
The final stage is when the condition of the liver is very damaged and can no longer produce new cells.

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