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Be Careful of the Harmful Effects of Household Appliances and Furniture

Be Careful of the Harmful Effects of Household Appliances and Furniture

The existence of complete household furniture seems to have shifted the importance of make-up equipment for a housewife who likes to cook. The existence of complete household furniture certainly makes the cooking of mothers at home more enjoyable. If you worry about the harmful effects of anything used at home, including the household appliances and furniture, then you can start using h2o at home starter kit.

We are often unconscious, there are dangers lurking behind the furniture in our homes. Household furniture that contains dangerous substances turns out to have no health risks. Don’t worry, after recognizing it we can avoid the danger!

1. Chemicals in Melamine Household Furniture

Who doesn’t like household furniture such as melamine plates and glasses? Apart from being lightweight and not easily broken, household furniture has beautiful colors and patterns. Although lightly carried out especially when outdoor activities, household furniture made from melamine also has a severe health hazard because it contains Bisphenol A.

What is Bisphenol A? Harmful chemicals that are more familiar as BPA can disrupt cell activity, brain disorders, and cancer. His replacement named Bisphenol S was no less dangerous. So, avoid household furniture that contains any type of Bisphenol. This does not mean that all household furniture made from melamine is harmful to the body.

2. Household furniture made of plastic
The use of household furniture such as plates, bottles, and cups of plastic should be avoided. Plastics contain chemicals called Phthalates which are all dangerous types. One danger that you can experience if you underestimate Phthalates is a high blood poet.

3. Dangers Behind Furniture As Household Furniture
Who would have thought that the family room and living room would also pose a potential danger to health? Household furniture such as sofas and carpets are not only dusty but also contain dangerous chemical elements. Anti-stain carpets, for example, have PFOA which stimulates cancer and thyroid disease.

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