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Bags as a Women’s Fashion Identity

Bags as a Women’s Fashion Identity

Now bag and fashion is an unbiased unity that separated special for women. Most women who like to travel make handbags easy to store alat2 makeup, books, mobile phones, and others. They are very hobby fashion also often combine colors, models, and materials bags with clothes that they use to be more matching. Because the trend of mix and match the fashion is not a few women who collect bags for bias on the go in accordance with the fashion they wear at the time. Well for those of you who want to find a formal bag it will be better if you look it up at to get a unique model and affordable price. Apart from that, in the market, there are some forms of the bag that is usually loved by women, the following reviews!

Handbags that are used for formal occasions such as weddings or other formal events are small sized and handbags that are used for the common-sized ordinary wear. It has only two or three small and short ropes that fit in the hand and have a seal or zipper. Unique handbag made from elegant leather with a variety of models.

Clutch is a handbag with a smaller version again, this is like a woman’s hand wallet whose size is longer. It has no rope or other handles, it is brought in a hand-held way. Clutch is usually made of leather or fabric that is designed in such a way, so interesting when in the handheld. This bag is usually used for formal events such as weddings etc.

Tote bag
The tote bag is a handbag with a larger size with the characteristic of not having a button or zipper. Usually made of canvas material, tote bag bias in use both men and women (unisex). Therefore the usual tote bag that favorite by a woman is more casual style. But there are also some leather tote bags that are used by women only.

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