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Bad Habits that increase the risk of brain disorders

Bad Habits that increase the risk of brain disorders

Breakfast in addition to providing energy for the body is ready to perform activities can also nourish the brain to think. Getting used to breakfast in the morning can cause blood sugar levels to decrease. Without enough sugar in the blood, there are no nutrients that will spread blood flow to the brain, consequently the brain will experience tension when forced to think. Apart from that, perhaps you need to visit Nootropics Blog to know more about a fine supplement for the brain.

Smoking habit

Cigarette smoke can cause irritation of the blood vessels to the brain and clog the blood circulation around the head. The brain is contaminated with nicotine substances can cause an inflammation and bleeding that triggers nerve damage in the brain nerve.

The habit of drinking alcohol

Alcohol is sharp, hot and able to make holes and wounds and inflammation of the lining of the brain. Consume alcohol every day can disturb the nerve balance and block blood flow to the brain, This condition causes a person to lose thinking clearly and difficult to control emotions. If a person continues to drink a drink containing alcohol then the brain will experience a decline in the brain loses its intelligence.

Stay up late

Adults who are accustomed to staying up and sleeping for 6 to 8 roads a day cause the blood flow to the brain so it does not smooth and complicates oxygen in the proper amount of brain blood vessels. As a result, a person will have a recurrent headache.

Too much sugar

Stop using lots of sugar in foods and drinks to prevent the increase in blood sugar levels that trigger a person with diabetes. Excess sugar that can not be broken down in the body at risk will accumulate and settle on the brain tissue which can clog the blood flow and cause the brain does not get enough blood that contains oxygen. As a result brain function will be disrupted including a person’s motor decline. The types of diseases that attack the brain can arise because of the high blood sugar levels in the blood.

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