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Awesome Simpsons Avatar Made of Your Photo

Awesome Simpsons Avatar Made of Your Photo

Cartoons are a spectacle that is not only liked by children. There are also adults who love watching cartoons to the extent that they have memorized the show schedule and are ready in front of the TV one hour before airing. Now, you can even change your photo into the cartoon. You just need to simpsonize your photo which is done by the expert. This means that you will look like the part of the cartoon, even your favorite one. If this is so interesting to try out, get ready to see how awesome your Simpson avatar will be. There are also those whose hobbies are late coming to college or picking up girlfriends but never late when watching favorite cartoons.

As a cartoon connoisseur, you also need to know some interesting things about cartoons. Don’t just look at the results, you have to know the fun stories behind the cartoons that you watch. P! I already have some interesting things and it’s worth it for you to know about cartoons.

1. Apparently oh it turns out, the big-eyed anime and manga characters were inspired by American cartoon characters including Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse, and Bambi.

2. Ed, Edd, n Eddy is the longest cartoon. The cartoon aired for almost 11 years.

3. The most expensive and valuable cartoon movie poster in the world is the poster of the movie ‘Alice’s Day at Sea’. The poster was sold in London for the US $ 36,543 in 1994.

4. The first cartoon series to air on TV is ‘Crusader Rabbit’. The cartoon aired from 1949 to 1951.

5. The most expensive cartoon film ever made entitled ‘The Prince of Egypt (1998). The filmmaking cost 60 million US dollars.

Apparently, there are things that are not less interesting behind the popularity and success of cartoons. You might also not expect that there was a special day related to animation or cartoons. Hopefully there will be more cool cartoons born in this world.

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