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Avoid getting injured when you use a car jack

Avoid getting injured when you use a car jack

Leveraging the car is a skill that should be owned by the motorists. Not only repair minor damage, disrupt the tires, and clean up the car. But also boost the car turned out to have its own way, because the jack up the car should not be careless should be true and safe.

For those of you who do not know how to push up the car. In the meantime, you should also buy the best floor jack, so it’d be safer for you to give the necessary leverage for your car.

here are tips and guides to boost the car properly and also safe:

Position the car you will jack on the flat to get a strong support.

Remember, do not pull the handbrake so the wheels do not spin or move when loosening the bolts/nuts.

Arrange the position of the jack at the correct point in accordance with the car manual that you will jack.

The way is intended so that the work of the jack can be more practical and efficient. So it will not damage the components and can maintain safety.

Safe center to jack up the car is in the arm or the wings of the wheel. Because the part is made of strong material both the rear wheel and also front.

Never put your body into a car basket, and wear a long lever. It aims for your safety and can prevent dangerous things.

You can use the jack stand if jacked up in a long time to be more secure.

In an emergency situation should be propped up by placing wood, and spare tires. Or under the car, you can put a stone in a strong place.

Push up the car sometimes must be done to check or repair broken car components. Components include such as suspension, tires, wheels, and so forth. For beginners, maybe boosting a car is a difficult thing to do. They are confused where the point of support to put the jack because putting the jack should not be arbitrary. If one positions a jack, it can be dangerous for the culprit. You need to know that in a car itself there is already a fulcrum to put the jack, so do not be confused.

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