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Aromatherapy isn’t just about the fragrance

Aromatherapy isn’t just about the fragrance

Benefits of aromatherapy are already proven through various scientific research. But to get the real benefits of aromatherapy you have to use pure essential oils instead of synthetic oils, although it has a similar fragrance. Jasmine essential oil (jasmine) or rose (rose) is found in the market in the form of synthetic oils made from chemicals. It’s because the price of jasmine essential oil and rose is very expensive, and that too must have been diluted with vegetable oils such as jojoba oil. Although synthetic oils have a scent that is almost identical to the original essential oil, synthetic oils cannot mimic the content of the active substance in a highly complex essential oil, whereas it is the active ingredient that has health and beauty benefits.

In addition, circulating a misconception about the use of aromatherapy. Most societies consider aromatherapy to be merely a fragrance used with dripping aromatic oil (sold in a small transparent glass bottle) into a heating brazier. Though such aromatic oils are not essential oils that should be used in aromatherapy, most use synthetic oil, even if using essential oils then it has been mixed with alcohol or chemical solvents. Even so, the use of the way is not wrong, yet you can still enjoy the fragrance that of course can bring a pleasant sensation of feeling. It’s just not aromatherapy. I prefer to call it aromatic oil as aromatic burning oil.

Perception errors like this, in my opinion, can harm consumers can even have side effects. One of the spa center customers had bought such a perfume oil in Bali (in a small transparent glass bottle) he said according to the seller, it was aromatherapy oil. Then this spa center customer asked the therapist to mix the scented oil into the massage oil. Luckily the therapist first consulted to me, because after I check it is an aromatic apple-scented aromatic burning oil. This kind of oil is certainly not well used to the body because it contains many chemicals and alcohol.

In conclusion, the main prerequisite for you to enjoy the true benefits of aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils. Usage can be done in many ways, such as using vaporize or anglo, massage, compress, soak, evaporation and so on.

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