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4 Healthy Eating Tips For those of you who work with shifts

4 Healthy Eating Tips For those of you who work with shifts

Some of the problems that may be faced by shift workers are changes in appetite, sleep problems, weight loss or rise, constipation or constipation, diarrhea, frequent stomach gums, digestive disorders, heartburn (burning or burning in the upper abdomen), and blood pressure high jobes. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out more job vacancies on jobcentreonline.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should try to continue to eat healthy food and exercise and get enough quality sleep.

Some tips for those of you who work shifts to still be able to maintain a healthy diet, including:

1. Provide healthy food at home

Always provide healthy food, such as various vegetables and fruits in your kitchen. So that when you are hungry, your choice is only focused on these healthy foods. If you are sleepy and hungry at night, you can eat fruits that are healthier than eating instant food.

2. Prepare food before you work the shift

This is so that when you go home and feel hungry, you can eat these foods. When you go home, you may feel tired and lazy to cook food. With the food that has been cooked before, you only have to warm it for a few minutes and you can immediately enjoy it.

3. Eat before you work

Working in a full stomach will make you focus more on work. In addition, if you enter the night shift and eat big at night can cause stomach upset, heartburn, and constipation or constipation. Dinner can also cause you to feel sleepy and lethargic, which can interfere with your work.

4. Bring food from home

Food from home is certainly healthier than you buy food outside the workplace. Besides being healthier, it can also help you save. In addition to bringing provisions for large meals, bring a healthy snack just in case you are hungry at any time. Unhealthy snacks, such as fried foods or snacks, will only add to your calories and fat. You can bring healthy snacks, such as fruit, pudding, bread, and more as a substitute for your snacks.

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