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3 Things to Avoid When Investing in Gold

3 Things to Avoid When Investing in Gold

Gold investment at Regal Assets is one type of investment that is very profitable. It has been proven from hundreds, even thousands of years ago that gold has an enchanting charm. Starting from among the kings until the traders were competing to collect as much gold as possible because at that time the amount of gold owned was a measure of one’s wealth.

At present gold does not have such a function, but rather its function as an investment. The price of gold which always rises from year to year makes a number of people buy it for future interests, such as marriage, education, and investment for old age. Unfortunately, there are still a number of people who make fundamental mistakes about this gold investment.

In this article, we will discuss the gold investment mistakes that are usually done by investors with the hope that those of you who read this article do not have to make the same mistakes and are more fortunate when investing in gold. Here are five common gold investment mistakes:

– Save gold at home
Even though you are sure that your home is safe from theft, it does not reduce the risk of losing the gold you buy. The factor that causes your gold to disappear is not only from the hands of a thief but negligence when saving so that the risk of falling when moving it from one place to another can also make the gold you save lost.

– Buy by way of debt
Many gold investors go into debt to have gold because of the ease provided by a number of banks or Pegadaian to pay in installments. But in essence, this is a mistake because usually the price of gold purchased in installments is far more expensive than when you buy it in cash.

– Buy large physical gold
Precious metals weighing more than 100 gr have a fairly high price. Therefore, if you decide to pay in installments or save to get it, then you need a long enough time to be able to own the gold. In addition, large gold bars will be more difficult to sell compared to smaller gold bars.

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